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In 2023 Bruce appeared on the BBC Series QI, hosted by Sandi Toksvig. This was part of Series T, Episode 11 – Trundling. He demonstrated a low-cost, battery-powered acoustic tractor beam and described briefly how it works. He also described future applications of this technology and said it “could replace robots to make things, or smaller ones to move cells”. The interview concluded by Bruce describing how ultrasonic technology could one day be used to assemble tissues for use in the human body.


In 2022 Bruce was interviewed about acoustic radiation forces an acoustic levitation and this is described in Everybody Hertz: The Amazing World of Frequency, from Bad Vibes to Good Vibrations by Richard Mainwaring.

In 2019 Rick Edwards visited the lab and Bruce talked him through ultrasonic levitation for a BBC Studios documentary, The Edge of Science, (including Colin Furze and Dianna Cowern). Behind the scenes we had spent the previous month designing and building an acoustic vortex levitator that we had promised the BBC could break a world record. The build team were Sam Elfring, Tatsuki Fushimi and Luke Cox.

In 2019 Bruce and his team worked with the Royal Society (and Brian Cox) to produce a video aimed at informing and inspiring the next generation about the applications of sound waves.

In 2019, the Minister for Science (Chris Skidmore) visited the UNDT lab to launch the Pipebots projects and this was covered by local news: Bristol Post, Oxford Mail, AOL.

In 2018 James Dacey of Physics World interviewed Bruce about his work on ultrasonic non-destructive testing. The interview covered why this area is crucial for industry and possible future directions.

In 2018 Bruce was interviewed about acoustic levitation and tractor beams for BBC Radio 4’s Inside Science. This interview followed press coverage of the paper on virtual vortices to levitate large objects, and the developments of the Holgraphic Acoustics Tweezer (HAT) in 2019, both of which were widely covered by the media: Sky News, The Sun, The Express.

In 2018, Bruce wrote a feature article in Physics World about a visit his team made to the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor (and other nuclear reactors) in Japan as part of an EPSRC UK-Japan collaboration.

In 2017 Bruce was interviewed by Professional Enigneering, the magazine of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The article was called 60 Seconds withe Bruce Drinkwater.

In 2016 The paper on acoustic assembly of composites was coverd by The Engineer

In 2016 Bruce featued in Professional Engineering, the magazine of the Institution of Mechanical Enigneers, in a Professional Insight article entitled Ultrasonic arrays improve non-destructive testing of engineered structures. They produced this lovely cartoon of him…


In 2016 Bruce discussed the science of Star Trek at a live recording of the Cosmic Shed podcast. Before the discussion there was a screening of The Wrath of Khan organised by Sunset Cinema, Bristol. This was all done to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

In 2016, Bruce was interviewed by Robyn Williams for the Science Show produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) about acoustic levitation.

In 2016 Bruce and his team helped Marty Jopson form the BBC’s The One Show film and science piece about sound and the forces associated with it that cause effect ssuch as acoustic levitation.

In 2015 there was significant press coverage of the paper describing the world’s first working acoustic tractor beam: BBC, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Mirror, Discover Magazine.

In 2014, Education Technology Magazine covered the annual Future Brunel Scheme visit to Bristol. Here, Bruce and his team showed the students around his lab including demonstrations and then took them through a design challenge.