Tunable beam shaping with a phased array acousto-optic modulator

Grinenko, A., MacDonald, M. P., Courtney, C. R. P., Wilcox, P. D., Demore, C. E. M., Cochran, S., & Drinkwater, B. W. (2015). Tunable beam shaping with a phased array acousto-optic modulator. Optics Express, 23(1), 26. doi:10.1364/OE.23.000026



We demonstrate the generation of Bessel beams using an acousto-optic array based on a liquid filled cavity surrounded by a cylindrical multi-element ultrasound transducer array. Conversion of a Gaussian laser mode into a Bessel beam with tunable order and position is shown. Also higher-order Bessel beams up to the fourth order are successfully generated with experimental results very closely matching simulations.

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