Acoustophoretic volumetric displays using a fast-moving levitated particle

Fushimi, T., Marzo, A., Drinkwater, B.W. and Hill, T.L., Acoustophoretic volumetric displays using a fast-moving levitated particle, Appl. Phys. Lett. 115, 064101 (2019)


Displays have revolutionized the way we work and learn, and thus, the development of display technologies is of paramount importance. The possibility of a free-space display in which 3D graphics can be viewed from 360° without obstructions is an active area of research—holograms or lightfield displays can realize such a display, but they suffer from clipping and a limited field of view. Here, we use a phased array of ultrasonic emitters to realize a volumetric acoustophoretic display in which a millimetric particle is held in midair using acoustic radiation forces and moved rapidly along a 3D path. Synchronously, a light source illuminates the particle with the target color at each 3D position. We show that it is possible to render simple figures in real time (10 frames per second) as well as raster images at a lower frame rate. Additionally, we explore the dynamics of a fast-moving particle inside a phased-array levitator and identify potential sources of degradation in image quality. The dynamics are nonlinear and lead to distortion in the displayed images, and this distortion increases with drawing speed. The created acoustophoretic display shows promise as a future form of display technology.

In the press

Ultrasound guides particle in a midair display


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